Though Hearthstone Psychology participates with most major insurance plans, individual provider participation may vary by insurance. We will make every effort to match you with a provider who is contracted with your insurance, but may ask that you see an out-of-network provider in special needs situations and on a case-by-case basis. Please provide us with full insurance information prior to your initial visit so we can begin the insurance verification process. If you have a change in insurance, please let us know as soon as possible, to help ensure accuracy in billing. 

​We ask for as much notice as possibles in the case of a missed or cancelled appointment, or you may be billed your provider's late cancellation/ missed appointment fee. We understand that life happens, and the decision to bill you their fee is individual to the provider. Most of the providers in the group have very tight schedules and waiting lists for open appointments.  Our goal is to provide excellent care and in return we ask that our time is valued.

Finding Your Therapist

Each clinician specializes in a different area of therapy. Please read each individual biography to see if your needs match their specialty. Finding a therapist is a process. Please call or email the office and we will guide you through this process to ensure your satisfaction.